I Make Cooking Videos Now!

Say what? Yes! I am making cooking videos now! Quick tutorials to help you eat clean in a DIRTY world. 🙂 And by dirty I mean GMO laden, pesticide tripping world {more on that later.}

I have been posting videos like a madwoman on my facebook pages {www.facebook.com/laurel.derry and http://www.facebook.com/beastmoderbeauty} in addition to my Youtube channel, but I neglected to share with you all! So, I am going to share my youtube link with you now so you can get going on binge watching these bad boys {now quite as great as binge watching Orange is the New Black or Game of Thrones, but I do what I can}.


Can you visit me below and give me a thumbs up {or a thumbs down, as I very well may deserve}. I will also be posting these on a regular basis with a blog post for each corresponding video from now on.



You. are. welcome!





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